Can you play csgo on macbook

Can you play csgo on macbook cs go license key free download Start a New Discussion. Basically can the MacBook Retina play CSGO?

cs go product key giveaway МАГАЗИН CS GO ИДЕТ ПОКУПКА 13" MacBook Pro Retina Intel Iris 6100 2015 Gameplay & Review: CS:GO cs go scream aim config Forums Macs Notebooks MacBook. MP play CSGO? Basically can the MacBook Retina play CSGO? (Kind of moot now as I purchased the base MacBook Pro yesterday but still curious). Oliver: Can you link this computer in description pls. HowTheFort: my freaking mac air cant handle csgo but somehow it can handle tf2. Thai Tran: does your MacBook gets hot when gaming? Skillfms: What are the cons of playing cogs on macbook air? yes csgo runs fine on mac books. Im playing on my macbook pro same stats, but what im scared of is my macbook will burn down becuese when i play it sounds like a plane engine but i run it smooth af no lagg at all you can run.

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