Good mic for csgo

Good mic for csgo cs go crash сайты 94 Comfort is also very important aspect to consider. Same here, have Razer Megalodon, on TS and Skype its great but in CSGO my friends say its horrible, dunnno what to do really

zaz кс го CS GO SKINS PROFIT WORST MIC EVER (CS GO Funny Moments in Competitive) rainbow six siege 81 гигабайт стим (Banned) Feb 27, @ pm. good gaming headset/ mic for csgo? im getting a new pair of headphone mainly in the $ range thinking of getting razer kraken pro whats ur opinions? How can I play CSGO better? What is the best way to test if a mic is working? Should I go back to playing CSGO or play another game? How do I actually get better at CS: GO? How do you know if a camera and mic have been hacked? I'm looking at headsets, and I'm thinking of a getting a headset using surround, and I'm wondering, is it good for CSGO? Get yourself a good pair of headphone (suggestions can be found at /r/headphones) and a desktop mic or I believe Zelman make a decent mic that clips to the wire.

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